Expanding Dhamma Pamoda!

The second phase of the center’s development is under way

Eight years after the first course, Dhamma Pamoda is taking a significant step forward. A new construction phase will include additional residential buildings and a pagoda with personal meditation rooms, bringing the master plan's vision closer to reality. This will allow dozens of more students to participate in courses and practice under ideal conditions.

* The extent of completion for this development phase will depend on the amount of donations received.


Students’ accommodation (men)

20 single rooms with attached toilet and shower
3.6 Milion ILS


Teachers’ residence (men)

Replaces the existing temporary structure
700 K ILS


Pagoda complex with individual cells

The pagoda will contain 64 individual meditation cells, providing privacy and quiet for deeper practice free from disturbance. The structure will also include two interview rooms and a hall for 40 meditators
6 Milion ILS


Teachers’ residence (women)

Replaces the existing temporary structure
700 K ILS


Students’ accommodation (women)

16 single rooms with attached toilet and shower
3.1 Milion ILS


Infrastructure & landscaping

Walkways, water and sewage lines, outdoor lighting, landscaping to the bottom of the slope
2.9 Milion ILS


Dining room expansion

Additional indoor space replacing the existing pergola, in line with increased center capacity
1.5 Milion ILS

* Estimated costs

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What is being constructed and where?

The coming phase of development will focus on the center’s southern section, in the area surrounding the meditation hall. Altogether, five new buildings will be constructed:
Two student residential buildings, one for female students and one for male students, containing private rooms for individual students;
Two residential buildings for teachers, to replace the existing temporary structures;
And a meditation compound that will include a pagoda – a round structure with individual meditation cells; a small meditation hall; and two interview rooms.

Increasing the number of participants and improving living conditions

More and more Israelis want to come to courses, and the waiting lists are getting longer. The additional residential structures will bring the center up to its full capacity, enabling 90 students to participate in every course and enjoy supportive conditions. The new residential structures, which will add 36 individual private rooms, will also allow the volunteers to be housed in comfortable conditions rather than in the makeshift structures they use today.

plan stage B eng

Development area

When will construction begin?

Construction is expected to begin in 2023. It will progress in accordance with the trust’s financial resources, which rely entirely on donations from old students. We hope to build all five structures together, thereby saving on building costs and minimizing the disturbance to courses. If we can finance the entire project in one go, construction would last about one year.

The Pagoda structure – individual meditation cells

The pagoda is the heart of the building project – a round structure with individual meditation cells. The cells will provide a private, quiet space where students can practice deeply without outside disturbances. The pagoda will serve the old students during 3-days, 10-days, and Satipatthana courses, and will also allow the center to host long courses of 20 and 30 days, which require suitable conditions.

Expected timeline

Building our center

We are happy to inform you that, thanks to the generous support and donations from dozens of Old students, we have reached a significant milestone where we can begin construction! 

As of now, approximately 55% of the required funds for completing phase B of the project have been successfully raised through donations. 

The Israeli Vipassana Trust is actively collaborating with professionals to finalize the development plans and prioritize the necessary steps for the commencement of construction in the upcoming weeks. We look forward to keeping you updated as we move forward with the construction phase. Your continued support is vital to the success of this project.

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