Thanks to the donations
from old students

The second phase of the center’s development is under way

Thanks to the support and donations from dozens of old students, we have reached a significant milestone – the stage where construction can begin! So far, about 55% of the funds needed to complete phase B of the project has been donated. These days, we are working closely with our contractors, finalizing the development plans and setting priorities, getting ready for construction to begin in January 2024.

* The extent of completion for this development phase will depend on the amount of donations received.

The Plan

Male S[80]-w
Two student residences
Expanding the dining hall
Landscaping development
Two AT residences

From a different angle

"View from above"
(2 min)
Everything you need to know about the plan
(1 min)
We've placed a camera on the construction site, and this is the result...

How can i help ?


Every donation, will contribute to accomplishing this important step in the center’s development


Volunteers are needed to oversee the construction stage
[email protected]

Keep in touch

(in Hebrew)

Whatsapp updates for old students

Service opportunities, updates, notification about special events, or just some inspiration here and there..


Dhamma Pamoda official facebook page


Israel Vipassana Trust

Israel Vipassana Center, 1513000, Deganya Bet

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