What to Bring

Please carefully read this information. Bringing the items listed here will help your stay at the meditation center be as comfortable as possible, and will help your course and that of others be fruitful and beneficial.

Sheets and bedclothes

We provide:
a pillow and two blankets (a light synthetic cover and a wool blanket). The meditation center has a supply of additional pillows and blankets. We also provide an alarm clock for each student.
You should bring: a fitted sheet for the mattress (90/200 cm), a pillow case and cover for the blanket.

For meditation

We provide:
a large base cushion and a smaller sitting cushion for each student. The meditation center also has a large supply of additional small cushions for support.
You should bring: a shawl to wrap around you for use during meditation sittings, and your own meditation cushion if you have one and prefer to use your own.

*The meditation hall is air-conditioned or heated depending on the season and the outside temperature.


Please bring comfortable, modest clothing for resting and for meditation. Your clothing should cover your legs, stomach and shoulders. Do not bring sleeveless blouses/shirts or skirts that do not cover the knees. Similarly, please do not bring clothing that is see-through or tight-fitting (you may wear tights only if you wear them with a long blouse or tunic).

This dress code, which has been formulated from years of experience of holding Vipassana meditation courses, is meant to minimize distractions. All students are asked to strictly abide by this code.

Shoes: Bring comfortable, closed shoes for walking, and shoes, sandals or flip-flops that can quickly and easily be removed in the entrance to the meditation hall.

Between November and March: Bring an umbrella and winter clothing, including warm socks, a coat and a warm hat.

Between April and October: Bring a sun hat, sunglasses, and sunblock.

*Be sure to bring enough clothes for your entire stay at the meditation center.
*There are air-conditioners in each residence at the meditation center.

Toiletries and Cosmetics

Please bring: a bath towel and hand towel, toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, shampoo, deodorant, shaving utensils and feminine hygiene products.
Please DO NOT bring: perfume, aftershave, fragranced lotions, fragranced powders or any items that have a strong fragrance.

Additional Items

Please bring:

  • ID which includes a photo
  • A flashlight including spare batteries
  • Eyeglasses (for the evening discourses on screen at the front of the meditation hall)
  • Medications that you take on a regular basis. Be sure to bring enough for the entire course—that is, 12 days’ total (including the day you arrive and the day you leave)
Recommended to bring:
  • A thermos for hot beverages
  • A reusable water bottle or an insulated bottle for cold water during the summer
  • Insect repellant
Please DO NOT bring:
  • Cellular phones, portable laptops, ipad/ipods, smart clocks, or any other electronic devices.
  • Books, notebooks, journals, writing utensils, or any other reading or writing materials
  • Your own food.
  • Cigarettes or tobacco in any form
  • Drugs or alcohol
  • Musical instruments
  • Religious items of any kind such as charms, crystals, T’fillin, Tarot cards, etc.
  • Jewelry or other valuable items

Please note: If you bring any of the above items to the meditation center, you will be asked to turn them in to the management where they will be safely stored until the end of the course. They are stored in a locked room that has an alarm, within the course campus. However, personal items that are turned in at the center are the sole responsibility of their owners. The Vipassana association does not take responsibility for loss or damage to property.

  • Change in Online Group Sittings

    On the coming Sunday (16/5) there will not be a sitting at 8p.m.
    On the coming Monday (17/5) the Group Sittings will take place on 9a.m. and on 8p.m. (as on Saturdays).

  • Important notice – Corona Virus

    Starting 8 March, there are courses at the Meditation Center in a limited format, for new and old students, subject to the regulations of the authorities.
    At this time, courses at Dhamma Pamoda are open only to Israeli residents with a certificate of vaccination (“green pass”) or proof that they have recovered from COVID-19 disease.
  • S.N Goenka about the meaning of Pamoda