Introductory videos

Goenkaji meeting his students from Israel and talking with them about the meaning of Dhamma Pamoda












For those who are not currently familar with the ancient technique of Vipassana Meditation, its non-sectarian nature and its benefits, A short explanation (19 minutes) of the technique of Vipassana meditation was provided by Mr. Goenka in an interview given to Reuters during Mr. Goenka’s visit to Belgium in 2002. This talk is available in English below:

 S.N. Goenka talk about Vipassana Meditation at the World Peace Summit

U.N. building. New York, September 2000

Discourse of Eilona Ariel in Tedx

Meditators’ experience

As a supplement to the explanations of Vipassana by Mr. Goenka above, below is a short video that consists of a series of interviews with Vipassana students. They talk about how they first came to a Vipassana course, and what the practice of Vipassana has meant to them in their lives. The title of this film is “Practicing Vipassana: Meditator Experiences”. The interviews were conducted of students from various countries and were recorded at the Italian Vipassana center.

Questions & Answers

S.N. Goenka answers questions regarding the technique of Vipassana meditation in public talks during different occasions.

Vipassana in an American Jail

“The Compass” – Children learn Anapana meditation

‘Doing Time Doing Vipassana’ Trailer

Vipassana meditation in an Indian prison

To the entire DVD about Vipassana Meditation

  • S.N Goenka about the meaning of Pamoda