Group Sittings

Group sittings are valuable opportunities to strengthen your practice of Vipassana. By sitting with fellow students who are following the same technique, you can meditate more seriously and gain support which will help you keep practicing on your own.

Goenkaji has established the following guidelines to ensure that group sittings will be most beneficial to the students attending them:

  • Group sittings are open only to those who have taken at least one ten-day course with S. N. Goenka or one of his assistant teachers.
  • The five precepts of wholesome conduct are to be observed in the place where group sittings are held. These precepts include abstention from the following: killing any living creature, stealing, wrong speech, sexual misconduct, and the use of intoxicating drugs or alcohol. Observation of wholesome conduct is a necessary foundation for the practice of Vipassana.
  • Participants at group sittings should practice only the meditation technique taught by Goenkaji.

Group Sittings at Tel Aviv Dhamma House:

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
10:00 a.m. one-day courses
and one-day sittings
More details
19:30 19:30 19:30 19:30 19:30 17:00
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Please check for changes in the timetable.
    • Binyamina, Sunday, 8pm, at Tamar Apel’s house, Ha’atzmaut road, tel. 077- 7090500.
    • Nes Ziona, Friday, 5pm, at Danny Feldman’s house, 8 Ha’adarim st., tel. 050-6843509.
    • Jerusalem, Wednesday, 8pm, at Naomi & Tzachi’s house, 25 Reuven st., Bak’a, Naomi 052- 4836848 Tzachi 052-2913526.
    • Tel Aviv, Monday, 7pm; Kadesh Barne’a St 9, Ada 050-5747758.
    • Kibbutz Ginegar, Tuesday, 7pm, at Ofer Drori’s house. Ofer 052-8312744.
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