Development & Construction

Building work has almost been completed

To this point, we have completed construction of the meditation hall, three residences, the kitchen, the shell of the dining room and public toilets. יציקת רצפה חדר שפותWe have also installed temporary housing for male and female teachers and for male and female servers. We could not construct another residence with the funds available. However, we were able to pour the foundations for that building, with the aim of lessening possible disturbance during courses when we have sufficient funds in hand for further construction work.

An ideal meditation center

The outcome of these efforts is a meditation center that offers ideal conditions for practicing Vipassana, far better than what we were able to provide until now. The hall is extremely quiet, especially when the air conditioning is operating. Most of the accommodation consists of single rooms with attached toilet and shower, providing comfortable conditions and reducing disturbances to allow for serious, deep meditation. Those who already had an opportunity to sit at the center have commented very positively on the experience.

An arial view – July 2011

Building in progress – January 2014

Work continues to develop the center

Those who come to the center will see that much of the development work planned to be done before the first course has been put on hold or scaled down because of the lack of funds: landscaping, building of pergolas and sunbreaks for the residences, building of permanent partitions and fences, installation of windows in the dining room, and more.

From now onward, we will continue to develop the center while offering ongoing courses. We will gradually complete all projects as we are able. May the Dhamma taught at the center bring peace and happiness to as many people as possible.

Phase 1 of construction was planned to accommodate 85 students per course, however, the 3 residences can only accommodate 65 students. The fourth residence, which can accommodate another 20 students in private rooms, has not yet been built due to lack of funds. We are also still lacking funds for the interior finishes of the Dining Hall, such as windows and electrical outlets.