The Dhamma Pamoda meditation center welcomes people of all backgrounds, religions, nationalities and genders. While each person has a different background and a different path in life, all students who join a Vipassana course nevertheless share a common goal – to learn how to liberate ourselves from suffering.

A Non-Sectarian Teaching

In order to practice Vipassana, you do not need to believe in any faith or to belong to any religion. Gotama the Buddha, who discovered this technique of meditation, had no wish to establish a religion or to convert people from one religion to another. He discovered a method to liberate people from suffering, and his only aim was to share this method with others. The cause of suffering is rooted deep within ourselves, and in order to liberate ourselves we need to explore our inner reality. This is something all people can do, no matter where they come from or to which tradition they belong.


Vipassana courses in Dhamma Pamoda are conducted in Hebrew and English, but you can listen to the meditation instructions in dozens of other languages. If you don’t understand Hebrew or English well, please note this in your application form.


People of all sexual orientations and gender identities are welcome to our courses.
Like all other meditation centers in this tradition, Dhamma Pamoda is separated into male and female sides This extends to the residential accommodations, the walking areas, the dining rooms and the meditation hall. The purpose of this separation is to minimize distractions and tensions that might disturb students during the course.

We recognize this doesn’t work for everyone and that sometimes members of the LGBTQ community may not feel comfortable being on either side of the campus, or having to identify as male or female. If conforming to binary gender separation is a concern for you, please let us know when you apply to the course so that we can
contact you and try to make a plan that will enable you to participate in the course with minimal distractions.

Medical Requirements

If you have any special needs due to a medical problem, a physical disability or pregnancy, please inform us about it in the application form, and specify in detail what you will require during the course. We cannot accommodate every request, but we will do the best we can.

  • Change in Online Group Sittings

    On the coming Sunday (16/5) there will not be a sitting at 8p.m.
    On the coming Monday (17/5) the Group Sittings will take place on 9a.m. and on 8p.m. (as on Saturdays).

  • Important notice – Corona Virus

    Starting 8 March, there are courses at the Meditation Center in a limited format, for new and old students, subject to the regulations of the authorities.
    At this time, courses at Dhamma Pamoda are open only to Israeli residents with a certificate of vaccination (“green pass”) or proof that they have recovered from COVID-19 disease.
  • S.N Goenka about the meaning of Pamoda