Getting to Dhamma Pamoda

Instructions in Russian направления к центру медитации дхамма-памода


The Dhamma Pamoda meditation center is located near Kibbutz Degania Bet. Road signs leading to the center have not yet been installed, so it is important to follow these instructions. We recommend that you bring written instructions and phone number 054-6254062 in case you need directions while on the road.


You may want to check the rideshare board.

Note that there is no public transportation from Friday afternoon to Saturday evening. 

Getting to Dhamma Pamoda from Ben-Gurion airport (using public transportation)

The ride from the airport in public transportation is about 4-5 hours. From Ben Gurion airport to Tel- Aviv-Savidor center– Take the train to Tel-Aviv-Savidor center. The time table of the train can be found hereFrom Tel-Aviv-Savidor center to Tiberias central bus station– Take bus no. 836 from Tel-Aviv-Savidor center. The platform is on a road called Derech Namir.  You can also take a shuttle taxi from the same place. The shuttles are often faster than the bus. The price of the ride is 44 Shekels.

Directions to pamoda - savidor

From Tiberias central bus station – It is most recommended to take bus no. 23 directly to Degania Bet. You can also take bus no. 26 or 28 to the junction of Degania Alef and Degania Bet. Their platforms are the last to the left and up. In the first day of each course there is also a shuttle taxi to Dhamma Pamoda. The shuttle goes at 2:45 pm and waits for students near the exit stairs of the central bus station. The price of the ride is 15 Shekels. It is recommended to sign-up for the shuttle by phone. The phone number is 050-5400609 and the company name is Nir Hassaot.


From the Junction of Degania Alef and Degania Bet to Dhamma Pamoda – Keep walking on the road to Degania Alef and Bet. Pass Degania Alef and continue to Degania Bet. After the gate of Degania Bet turn right and right again and walk by the fence with the road that goes to Dhamma Pamoda. There are instruction signs along the road. It takes about 15 minutes. Dhamma Pamoda phone numbers: 054-6254062 04-6043001 04-6200340

Driving instructions until the junction next to entrance of Kibbutzim Degania Alef and Degania Bet

From Tel Aviv (about two hours) – take highway 2, highway 4 or highway 6, from there take route 65 to Wadi Ara and Megiddo Junction, or route 70 to Wadi Melek and HaTishbi junction. For those continuing on route 65 – pass Afula and continue towards Kfar Tavor. Turn right at Kfar Tavor onto route 767 through Yavniel and Alumot – about 20 km. until you reach Moshavat Kinneret. Turn right at route 90 and drive about two kilometers until the entrance to Degania B. From there, continue according to the general directions provided below. For those continuing on route 70 – turn right at HaTishbi junction (towards Tiberias), drive on route 722 towards HaShomrim junction, turn right to route 75 at Alonim junction, Yishai junction, turn left towards HaMovil junction at route 77 and drive about 26 kilometers through Golani junction until you reach Poriah junction. Turn right on route 767 and drive about 10 kilometers until you reach the traffic circle at Alumot junction. Turn left on route 767 and continue like in the previous paragraph.
From Haifa (about an hour and a quarter) – take route 75 until Yishai junction. From there, continue on route 77 like in the previous paragraph.
 From Jerusalem (about two hours and a quarter) – Option A – take highway 1 to highway 6 or highway 2, and from there continue using the same directions as those coming from Tel Aviv. Option B – drive east on highway 1 to the Jordan Valley and then drive north on route 90 (“Kvish HaBika”) until Tzemach junction. Turn left at the traffic circle and drive about 900 meters until the left turn into Degania Bet.  After passing the entrance gate of Degania Bet, immediately turn right and follow the signs to Dhamma Pamoda.
  • S.N Goenka about the meaning of Pamoda