How does it feel – Experiences from the first courses at Pamoda

The first two courses in the new center have just ended. The excitement among the participants was palpable.
Three students who sat and one Dhamma server shared their experiences…

“To me, what seems special about this course, in which 30 students participated, is that somehow they defied the external storm in our area, as if they all understood that the right thing to do at this moment is to stop, observe and take care of our internal storms – because after all, these are the causes of what happens externally. It was especially amazing that the students, despite everything that was going on in the country, managed to practice so seriously during the whole course, and of course it’s clear that the supportive surroundings helped so much.”


“Everything was perfect.  The private room, the meditation hall, the quiet, the tasty food, the service, the cleanliness, the little lamps that light the way at night, the weather, which sometimes seemed like autumn in the middle of the summer, the view, the walking paths, the dates hanging on their branches, the well-cared-for plants in planters everywhere.  I sometimes found myself weeping out of gratitude to all the people who contributed and worked on it.  The volunteers giving of their time, their lives, for me and the other students.  May good come to everyone, so that we may all come to a deeper awareness.”


“This course, my first one, has been a huge step on this path I’ve been on for years.  I came with a lot of hesitation and I’m so thankful I came.  I am grateful for the dear and wonderful staff, whose every encouragement was so full of love.  And all of this in the most comfortable conditions, the delicious food.  The commitment.  The beautiful view, and the thought that went into the smallest detail.  Thank you so much for such a significant experience.”


“A Dhamma hall that seemed to come from heaven.
Not just a Dhamma hall, but a wise teacher.
Not too far away from you, yet not too close.
The air-conditioning in the Dhamma hall, working quietly, but never over-working, as if it was whispering to me, even during the peak of the heat, it made it possible to stay balanced and quiet.
But perhaps the best story of all was actually in the kitchen and dining room.  The story of the dedicated service, the constant giving, the hard work, the exposed wires and exposed nerves–everything in process, everything changing–so delicious, simple and healthy.
The dream of a center that is becoming reality through hard work and so much Metta.”

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